Footwear & Gloves

We take your protection seriously. We offer official Ride TecsMilwaukeeTourmasterCortech and Speed and Strength motorcycle boots for men and ladies at the best prices in town.

Ask anyone who wears them: they are built to last and they keep you safe and protected.

Boots & Shoes


We win ‘Best selection’ and ‘Best Prices’ in town with full selections of riding gloves by First, Daniel Smart, Napa Glove.

Some prices: Fingerless from $4.95, touring gloves from $24.95 and winter gloves from $39.95 for REAL LEATHER gloves.

Early morning commuters, fight the cold with gear from Mobile Warming.

For wet weather: boot covers, waterproof gloves, warm weather gloves, glove liners, and rain suits by Nelson Rigg and Olympia Moto Sports.

And we carry a full selection of Hair Glove products for the ladies.

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