From full-face helmets to open face helmets to ultra-thin

Full wall of motorcycle helmets - Renegade Classics Sacramento

A full wall of 500+ motorcycle helmets, from full face helmets and modulars, to open face helmets, halfies and ultra-thin

Almost every biker who enters our Sacramento store says the same thing: “Wow. I didn’t know you guys had so much stuff!”. Yes, we carry a lot of biker products, especially in our helmet department. We have a full wall of motorcycle helmets and several other racks of them, with some of the very best brands in the industry: like Shoei, HJC, LS2, etc.

Over the years we have become the largest motorcycle helmet store in Sacramento: We carry over 500 helmets in stock.

Our selection includes modular and full face, open face, halfies, ultra thin, even novelty.

The goal of our staff is to fit you with the correct product that will protect your head and your budget. We have become experts at fitting and our selection is big enough to fit you with the right match.

What is the shape of your noggin? Round? Oval? Semi-oval? Extra-large? Extra-tall? No worries: together we’ll figure out exactly the protection that fits you perfectly. You won’t need to come back and try it again.

Is style majorly important to you? Through a lot of experimenting, we have picked the best styles from some of the major manufacturers.

Authorized dealer of great brands of motorcycle helmets

  • Bell
  • Daytona Helmets
  • LS2
  • Zox
  • Shoei
  • Biltwell
  • HJC
  • Scorpion Exo
  • Fly

We carry them in all sizes: from Junior to XXS to 5X.

Every biker has their own strong opinion on helmets. Whether you prefer a ‘shortie’ half (we have the best selection in town) or a 3/4 motorcycle helmet with a shield, or a full-face helmet or a modular (flip-up) full-face, we have your preferred style at great prices!

We carry kids helmets and offer Germans beanies and jockeys too.

Some prices:
Shorty helmets start at just $59.95.

3/4 open faces with drop-down shields are on offer from $79.95.

Modulars: from $149.95.

Want a full face helmet with bluetooth?

Bluetooth comm systems have become more and more in demand, especially by bikers who ride in MCs and two on a bike. Over the years these systems have evolved to integrate better technology: better components, better range, better fit with the helmets. Bluetooth comm systems are exposed to all kinds of natural hardships (heat, cold, rain, shocks, dampness, wind, etc.) and they can break down or wear out unusually fast. Renegade Sacramento carries only one reputable brand with a proven track record of following up on their product line and on warranty requests: Sena. We focus on only this brand becuase they have been very consistent in their production quality and after-sale service. We carry their SRL and 20S models. We also install these systems in your helmet. So if you are looking for a full face helmet with bluetooth, come to the store and we will pair a great helmet with a great system.

Caution: some manufacturers of full face motorcycle helmets integrate a bluetooth system directly at the factory. Usually, these helmets carry a cheap price tag. In the motorcycle world, there is no mystery: you get the quality you pay for. What we found over the past couple years, is that these helmets are relatively poorly constructed, and that their bluetooth electronics become disabled relatively fast. It is practically impossible to get them repaired and in some cases, a repair will take weeks. The helmet has to be sent back to the vendor because the comm system is so integrated in the helmet that it is not possibly to disassemble it without risking to break the helmet and the comm system. We don’t even try to repair them ourselves. So while buying these helmets factory-equipped with bluethooth seem to be a good deal, it actually becomes a problem for the biker more often than not. Renegade Classics does not carry these systems, and does not recommend buying them. Instead, we recommend purchasing a well-constructed helmet that fits correctly on your head, and a separate bluetooth system from the reliable brand we carry, that will honor their warranty on product defects. We carry and install these systems.

If you were asking yourself: “Is there a good motorcycle helmet store near me?“, you have found the answer right here. Helmets are best not be bought online: the risks are too great that you wind up buying a helmet that’s too loose, which would be a safety risk for you. Or a helmet shape that’s just not fitting your head right, and make you feel so uncomfortable the ride is not enjoyable.

It’s really best to try them in a real store, with a product technician next to you to help you try several models, verify the snugness front and back, check for hindrances in your field of vision, the fit of the internal shield, etc.

Renegade Classics strives to offer the best selection of motorcycle helmets for Harley, Cruiser and Touring riders in Sacramento and Northern California.

Once again, our selection includes:

  • full face helmets
  • open face helmets (with and without shields and visor)
  • modular helmets
  • Halfies (or half-helmets)
  • Shorties, beanies, ultra-thin
  • Kids helmets
  • Novelty helmets