Biker Patches Custom Made & Motorcycle Patches | In-store Sewing

Renegade Classics Sacramento has several high-precision embroidery machines to create custom patches based on your design.

Biker Patches

Since the first Renegade Classics opened its doors in Fresno in the 80s, biker patches have been part of the items we offer to our community. We carry hundreds of motorcycle patches, including genuine Harley-Davidson items.

When you come to our Renegade Classics store of Sacramento, you will find the patches on the right end of the counter, inside vertical rotating racks. Just ask our staff to open a rack for you, pick a design and see how it looks on your vest or your jacket. Then bring the garment to the counter and work with our staff to find the right place for it.

A wide selection of motorcycle patches

In our Sacramento store, we have 16 racks of bikers patches: active duty military, vets, name tags and MC tags, Christian, fallen angels, skulls, flags, native american theme, lone wolf, flowers and roses for the ladies… And multiple genuine Harley Davidson items that many bikers love.

In-store sewing: bring your vests and jackets, we’ll sew them

Few stores offer to sew patches: we do. Several days a week, our seamstress comes in and handles a large volume of orders, sewing on vests, jackets, chaps, jeans, etc.

For our customers, this in-store sewing service makes a big difference. You purchase a patch, you get it on your favorite vest in short order.  Try to get this from an online store!

Embroidery and custom biker patches

This is another huge difference between Renegade Classics Sacramento, Renegade Classics Modesto, and most of the motorsports chain stores around: not only our prices are generally more friendly, but we also offer custom embroidery.

Bring your design to the store, we will digitize it and run it through one of our 3 embroidery machines to create a custom design that’s yours or that of your MC.

Our machines are high-precision, high-grade embroidery machines. Our staff is fully trained to digitize and embroider your custom patches.

Take a look at this video, showing the progress of an embroidery task on one of our machines.

We have been creating biker patches made to order for years. Many MCs and MMs come to us for their embroidery needs because we work well, fast, and for very reasonable prices.

* Please note that we do not digitize, reproduce and embroider Harley-Davidson merchandise. All the Harley-Davidson items we carry are genuine articles.

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