Shoei isn’t in the business of making mediocre helmets. The Japanese manufacturer has always gratified us with top-of-the-line products, and the Shoei RF-SR full face helmet is no exception. This helmet has been conceived in wind tunnel…

customizable biker vest - renegade sacramento

In the world of motorcycle vests, you have 2 base options: leather or denim. Most of our client bikers choose leather, and then adorn it with pins and patches. All good. It’s been like this for 60 years (I’d say since the early 50s, days of the Wild Bunch …

Renegade CLassics Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Offered at an unbelievably low price, this classic among women’s biker leather jackets is designed specifically for Renegade Classics. It is cut in goat skin, a light yet resistant hide which is also very supple, and lighter than cow hide and sheep…

Leather full-finger motorcycle gloves with gel pad

Any experienced biker knows how important motorcycle gloves are for safety on a bike. There is no shortage of stories of hand skin saved by leather gloves with gel pads. Likewise, there are many stories of hands badly scraped in a fall without …

Renegade Gift Cards

A gift card is a great way to thank someone, celebrate a life event, show gratitude or love. Renegade Classics

4th of July Promotions

We celebrate Independence Day with massive discounts on some of our merchandise:

25% off on leather biker jackets and fabric jackets