Customizable leather motorcycle vests, they exist.

In the world of motorcycle vests, you have 2 base options: leather or denim. Most of our client bikers choose leather, and then adorn it with pins and patches. All good. It’s been like this for 60 years (I’d say since the early 50s, days of the Wild Bunch, my educated guess).

Enter this customizable vest. With a bang. Seriously, it’s the first innovation we have seen in motorcycle vests since denim was invented.

This one is made by First Manufacturing. There is also a great biker family in Cali that makes that type of motorcycle vests. But it takes a lot of time to get one, and it’s expensive. Renegade Classics is in the business of providing excellent value with durable, well-engineered products offered at biker-friendly prices. So we went with First.

We bring you this one at under $150. Currently (Nov 2019), just $139.95 before taxes. That’s less than half the price of similar leather motorcycle vests on the market.

customizable leather motorcycle vests - Renegade Sacramento

What’s customizable in our leather motorcycle vest program?

  • Style of vest
  • Size (including TALL options)
  • Stitches (single color, two colors, and [fancy schmancy] Kevlar)
  • Liner options (single panel, 3 panels, custom liner)
  • Leather inside front pockets
  • Remove cellphone pocket
  • Remove “First” Label
  • Custom measurements

That’s a lot of customizations!

We don’t have vests for men with conceal carry pocket, but Cali is not friendly to this option anyhow.

OK, you have 2 options:

  1. You come to the store, try it on, make sure it fits, select a style, give all your preferences, pay and when it’s ready, we give you a call and you come over to pick it up.
  2. You don’t want to come over, so you order online at our online shop, do your customizations online, and get it in the mail.

The link to the Men’s department is:

And for our biker ladies, it’s:

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to have one of these leather motorcycle vests, specifically customized for you!


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