Deerskin Full-Finger Motorcycle Gloves with Gel Pad

Any experienced biker knows how important motorcycle gloves are for safety on a bike. There is no shortage of stories of hand skin saved by leather gloves with gel pads. Likewise, there are many stories of hands badly scraped in a fall without gloves. Good, thick, full-finger gloves will somewhat protect our hands from becoming “road pizza”.

But that’s not the only function of motorcycle gloves. They protect your hands against the windchill and changing weather. It’s not rare to start a ride in mild, sunny weather, and end up under a heavy downpour. Blood circulates less in extremities. In bad weather, hands quickly become cold. As they cool off, finger and palm muscles become stiffer, joints become more achy, making for a much less enjoyable ride, and most importantly, a less safe ride: as our hands and wrists become cold, we tense up and are much less nimble on the controls. A delayed reaction can cause a bad hurt.

Leather also protects our hands against road hazards such as small pebbles flying off of construction trucks on the highway. If a pebble, even a very small one, hit your hand at 75 mph, the shock and sharp pain are likely to give you a knee-jerk reaction and get your eyes and mind off the road. You may become a hazard to others and to yourself. Good motorcycle gloves will dampen the shock and lessen the pain. Insects in woodsy areas can be a nuisance, hitting your helmet shield and your hands, diverting your attention off the road.

At Renegade Classics, we select the biker products we carry based on a number of safety and durability factors, as well as comfort and supplier credibility. These black deerskin full-finger gloves have several features that make them a good fit for mid-season riding.


Leather full-finger motorcycle gloves with gel pad

Leather (deerskin) full-finger motorcycle gloves with gel pad

  • Black Deerskin – Deerskin is a supple, comfortable and resistant leather
  • Gel Pad Anti Vibration Palm – Gel definitely add protection in the first area to hit the ground in case of a spill
  • Elastic Stretch Wrist – Practical in case of rain to prevent drops to enter the gloves
  • Hook & Loop Pull Closure – A quick way to secure the glove to the hand, even with the other hand already in a glove
  • Unlined – Not winter gloves. These will protect your hands from chilly weather during fall and springtime.

The stitching of these gloves is solid but not so apparent that it bothers your hands inside. We usually offer this product in 6 sizes but call us at 916-454-3700 to make sure we have your size.

Overall, a comfortable leather motorcycle glove that, given proper care, will last for years to come.

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