Yes, helmet manufacturer Biltwell did it. The Lane Splitter is a full-face helmet with an aggressive look, not unlike that of the Star Wars storm troopers.

This helmet is constructed around an ABS outshell which ranks it in the lightweight category, without compromising safety.

Weight is often a concern with full-face helmets, but it shouldn’t be a problem with this one, even if you don’t have Hulk Hogan’s neck muscles.

The liner dissipates impact load while increasing the strength of the structure: it fits securely around your head.

Among other noteworthy features, its front and side vents which bring a good airflow inside. People love this.

Can the Lane Splitter full face helmet be fitted with a bluetooth comm system? Yes. It has recesses inside that accept some of the bluetooth aftermarket products. Bluetooth device manufacturers are fully aware of brands that sell well, and they make sure to design products that fit these brands.

Field of view: as you can see in the photo, the shield is wide enough to enable you to have full peripheral vision. The shield is made in polycarbonate, with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments.

Is the liner replaceable? Yes.

Overall, a great full face helmet at the price of a designer open-face.

Come to the store to try it on: better than buying online because you are sure of the fit. All helmets don’t fit all heads. You have to try them on.

Lane Splitter by Biltwell: a Lightweight Full Face Helmet

Technical Details

  • Injection-molded ABS outer shell is rugged yet lightweight—the best combination of features for a motorcycle helmet
  • Three-piece Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) safety liner dissipates impact loads and fortifies helmet structure for a secure fit without compromising comfort
  • Molded urethane chin bar pad features front and side vents for airflow
  • CE-certified polycarbonate shield includes anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments for safety and durability
  • Removable/replaceable comfort liner and cheek pads feature brushed fleece Lycra touch points to absorb and evaporate perspiration
  • Chin strap features brushed fleece Lycra touch points for comfort and an adjustable strap end retainer
  • Molded recesses inside EPS interior shell accept select aftermarket audio and communication components
  • Rugged shield hinge hardware with robust detents allows you to open the shield at slow speeds for increased airflow

Call the store for size availability if you are in doubt.

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