Shoei RF-SR: high-tech full face helmet, 5-year warranty

Shoei isn’t in the business of making mediocre helmets. The Japanese manufacturer has always gratified us with top-of-the-line products, and the Shoei RF-SR full face helmet is no exception. This helmet has been conceived in wind tunnel testing sessions, and with feedback from professional riders. Few motorcycle full face helmets undertake this type of thorough testing, and open face helmets can’t compete.

Many biker clients of the Renegade Classics stores around the US have selected this helmet. They live both in the south and the north of the country. This shows the diversity of riding conditions the RF-SR can satisfy. It is also well fitted for couples who want to purchase a full face helmet with bluetooth. The Shoei RF-SR does not come with bluetooth, but it’s perfectly fitted to receive one, and we recommend a specific bluetooth system manufacturer.





The Shoei RF-SR combines high-performance fiber materials with extremely elastic organic fibers to create a shell structure that is ultra lightweight, rigid and resilient. CWR-1 shield features ribs along the top and bottom to improve rigidity and eliminate bending from wind pressure during opening and closing. In cheaper full face helmets, flimsy plastics, wind pressure and sun heat usually deform the shield after a couple years of use, and compromise the ability of the shield to close hermetically.


The entire interior lining (cheek pads, upper liner, and chin strap covers) can be removed for cleaning, center and cheek pads can be replaced with optional thicknesses for a customizable fit. A dual-layer EPS liner enhances impact absorption and ventilation. Four shell sizes and six EPS liner sizes increase fit options that help to comfortably fit most head sizes. Extra comfort provided by removable ear pads, breath guard, and chin curtain. This flexibility enables more riders to find a Shoei fitting their head.

Ergonomy & Safety

Two upper air intake vents are positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior; hot air is exhausted through top outlet for a more comfortable ride. Lower intake vent absorbs air exhaled from the mouth to help eliminate shield fogging. The RF-SR offers a breath guard and chin curtain. This makes this full face helmet a good fit for all types of weather.

The E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from an injured rider’s helmet, enabling the helmet to be more easily removed from the head. That’s a safety concern that experienced riders are well aware of.

Standard chin strap clip neatly secures chin strap. Locking mechanism easily engages the shield lock when fully closed. Pinlock pins and EVO fog-resistant lens insert included. Spring-loaded base plates offer quick shield changes.

Noise & Closure

Improved window beading features dual-layered dual lip construction that ensures a windproof and waterproof seal with every closure. Five-stage rotating dial allows fine-tuning of the base plate for easy shield adjustments. QR-E closure system allows for tool-less shield removal and installation, and provides an air-tight seal intended to significantly minimize wind noise.

And the Shoei RF-SR full-face helmet comes with a 5-year warranty.

In stock at Renegade Classics Sacramento and in our online store

We recommend that you come to our store to try it on before you buy it. But if you are too far from a Renegade Classics store, we offer a possibility to buy the Shoei RF-SR full face helmet online in our store.

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